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boy-ginge-minge-4-bbc-deactivat asked:

I love how everyone on tumble explores their darkest fantasy. I wish for Ginger's to enslaved by normal whites and whites be enslaved by blacks. But how horrible would the word be if we got what we wanted?

I should ask, why are whites who are not ginger be seen as not normal?  What is normal anyway.  In my deepest darkest fantasy, white enslavement by Asians would be normal, and every one would want it that way.  I see this as enslavement in the BDSM manner, not in the manner that blacks were enslaved by whites!  SO what a wonderfu place the World would be if I got what I wanted!!

Well done to the doctor who told me that the lump on my face was just a cist, the doctor, that would be 3 doctors.  And congratulations to the doctor who said that the lump on my face was a submandibular node which is almost always cancerous and leads to death within 5 years.  And well done to the doctor who said no, its more likely to be a lymphoma.  And finally well done do the surgeon who took out the benign tumour, and then nearly killed me in the process.!

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